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Blackfin Industries Waste Water Treatment Equipment are small cost effective flocculent based waste water treatment systems that are ideal for the batch treatment of vibratory deburring effluent. These compact units can be placed within a work cell and be configured to serve multiple deburring and polishing machines.

Aqusafe Waste Water Treatment Systems – Small

  • Low Cost – Economical to operate
  • 30, 55 and 230 gallon batch processing size models
  • Very small footprint – fit in tight spaces
  • Easy to operate – simple controls
  • Sludge is encapsulated – can be placed in landfill – TCLIP Compliant
  • Can be closed-loop – reduces water cost

Aqusafe Waste Water Treatment Systems – Large

  • Heavy-Duty PVC Tank Construction
  • Stainless Steel Filter Bag tank
  • Pressurizes water feed system
  • Control Panel
  • Pre and post filtration
  • 150, 300, 425 and 700 gallon sizes

We can help you choose the correct water treatment system…

Water Treatment Chemistry

We offer a full line of water treatment flocculants for use with our treatment systems, as well as other flocculant based treatment systems. Click below to view our selection