Tool Honing

Blackfin Industries Drag Finishers are Made in the USA and are ideal for the polishing, or super polishing of high-value parts that can not be processed in conventional deburring or polishing equipment due to impingement issues. With drag finishers, parts are fixtured into the machine onto the process heads. Machines are available with 2-6 process heads allowing for multiple parts processing per batch. Fixtures are designed based upon the part requirements.

DF-Series Drag Finishers – Vertical Style

  • 2, 4 & 6 Process Head Models
  • Media Lift Technology
  • Stainless Steel Media Chamber
  • Digital PLC with Color Touch Screen
  • Steel Guard Panels with Powder-Coat
  • Planetary Drive System w/Auto-Reverse
  • Modular Construction Frame
  • Optional Stacklites
  • Optional Media Trolley and Spare Media Chamber

Drag Finishers are ideal for super polishing of high-value parts, such as turbine blades etc…

Other Drag Finisher Models

  • Reverse Drag Finishers
  • Horizontal Drag Finishers

Contact us and let us help you determine the ideal drag finisher for your application.